At its core, The Division 2 is a looter-shooter, with the goal being to keep upgrading the player character by finding the best equipment possible. Not all loot is created equal, and there are certain perks or "talents" that players can equip to make their agent even more effective in the battlefield.

Putting together these builds will require players to be in the endgame at the very least, and so players will have plenty of time to loot the necessary weapons for whichever build they decide to go with.

Unlock the Specialization skills above as soon as possible to maximize the One Shot Sniper Builds' potential.

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However, this SMG build from YouTuber Example doesn't require pinpoint accuracy, and will still be deadly on the battlefield. Sidearm - D50 or Kendra's Liberty exotic.

It's not optimized yet and so it's not quite as comprehensive as the other two PvP builds, but it's got a trick that still makes it one of the best builds in the game. Fill'er Up means that when one weapon is reloaded, all of the equipped weapons are reloaded. So, if players have two round LMGs that are both running low on ammo, they can switch to the Double Barrel Sawed Off Shotgun, which only has two rounds.

Quickly fire off the shotgun and reload it, which will automatically reload the LMGs, letting players bypass the typically long LMG reload times. Source: Rock Paper Shotgun. Dalton Cooper is an editor for Game Rant who has been writing about video games professionally since Having written thousands of game reviews and articles over the course of his career, Dalton considers himself a video game historian and strives to play as many games as possible.

Dalton covers the latest breaking news for Game Rant, as well as writes reviews, guide content, and more. One Shot Sniper Build. Share Tweet Email 0. About The Author Dalton Cooper is an editor for Game Rant who has been writing about video games professionally since What is the Mysterious Cave Code in Fallout Where is the Purveyor in Fallout 76 Wastelanders.

Highly Controversial Game Coming to Switch.Having useful weapon talents roll on a gun can be the difference between it being a useful tool or vendor trash. Some talents only appear on certain weapon types, while others are more useful in specific builds. There are 53 different weapon talents in The Division 2 not including the unique talents found on exotic items and three slots on high-end weapons that can only roll certain talents per slot.

So for example, holstered talents can only roll in the third weapon slot. My favourite weapon talent in The Division 2.

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I who rush and flank you at any opportunity—yet it shines brightest when used with an SMG. The close range strengths of an SMG synergize really well with this talent, as does the quick reload speeds, meaning you can often pick up a close range kill or two, then reload and kill again before the 5-second boost expires. Yes please! Dealing unreal damage with a crit build, this talent absolutely shreds anyone in sight when used correctly.

Strained took a big nerf in the Operation Dark Hours update, with the percentage of armour being depleted to trigger the additional crit damage doubling. This is the first talent on our list that only rolls on a specific weapon, which is probably for the best really because Unhinged would be the only skill anyone would ever use if it were available on all weapons.

Another LMG-Only talent and possibly the stronger one of the two. Frenzy grants a massive boost in DPS after reloading from empty with both the damage increase and the improved rate of fire.

The latter actually synergizes with the talent proc; the faster the gun fires, the quicker you empty the mag and can reload again and receive the boost. Using this is almost cheating in PvP as players can one-shot each other with a body shot! This talent is only getting a mention here for that reason, as in PvE I think there are far better options for a main slot talent.

Ranger for example. Optimist is a decent weapon damage boost that will always come into effect as weapons will always use ammo.

The damage boost here tops out at around Just like with Strained, Optimist requires 5 or less Offensive attributes, only this time without the synergy to make it as useful. Nevertheless, Optimist is a top weapon talent to help improve overall DPS. This Rifle-only talent will require you to build your gear in a certain way to be successful.

Rifles naturally have critical hit damage attached to them, meaning that crit damage is relevant even with the low rate of fire. Boomerang will not only give you a huge damage increase when procced, but it will let you stay in the fight longer by extending your magazine.

Give this one a try. Preservation is a great talent to increase survivability, especially for solo players. Preservation is a talent that works best when coupled together with high armour numbers, this is because of the percentage repairs the talent gives you. The main reason i like the talent Ranger is because it only requires 4 or less Utility attributes, meaning I can go heavy on the favourable Offensive stats. Being that the damage is increased the further away you are from the target, I recommend using this talent on a Rifle or MMR for obvious reasons.

Premeditated is a very powerful shotgun-only talent that not only grants a huge damage increase but gives you a long duration too. Sadly, Shotguns are rarely used in The Division 2 at the moment, but if that ever changes be sure to have one with Premeditated hiding in your stash.

Allegro is the only handling talent that increases both burst damage and overall DPS; for that reason, Allegro is the stand out handling talent in The Division 2.

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Having a full bar of stability is extremely noticeable—especially on console where aiming precisely can be more difficult—and it allows me to fire off shots consecutively with laser-like precision.Sign in. Log into your account. Privacy Policy. Password recovery. Forgot your password? Get help. Teamfight Tactics Best Mystic Build. Teamfight Tactics Best Celestial Build.

All Build Guides Builds League. Best Path of Exile Delirium 3. The Division 2. March 19, Read more.

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New Player. Build Guides. Lists And Locations. The AR build prides itself on the high rate of fire, critical hits and fast reload speed. Multiple charges on a low cooldown, drop them at your feet which will allow you to fire away without dying instantly. Tags guide the division 2 tips tricks tutorial. The Green Farming Strategies. Attachments in The Division 2 are crucial aspects of the game and player builds because they can boost the stats of your In this Division 2 guide you will learn how and where to unlock The Division 2 Osprey 9 secret suppressor attachment for The Division 2 has a whole lot of content and you might have missed a very little but important aspect of the In this Division 2 guide we'll be showcasing the Lifesteal Sub-machine gun build that seems to currently annihilate all content in the GamerDiscovery is your news, entertainment and gaming guides website.

We provide you with the latest breaking news and videos straight from the gaming industry. Contact us: contact gamerdiscovery. About Privacy Policy Disclaimer.There's a huge amount of changes, but the main points are: 1.

This detracts from creating builds. The Division 2 Gunner Specialization is now available to everyone that downloads the new update. The world looks more clear now instead of sharp. With every major content addition new bugs were added….

A 2 x MTN division should generally be used as a supporting attack against mountains, while a 5 x MTN division can survive on its own. The next set bonuses are granted with 3 or 4 equipped items, while the last bonus is actually a Gear Set Talent on top of the 2 stat modifier bonuses.

Is it something you want to get? A new Specialization, missions, PvP mode and map, and more! Get the details. Free Online Library: 'The Division' 1.

The Division Build

Players who wish to keep their gear exactly as is with bonuses can use the new Optimization Station to make it more powerful up to an extent. I don't really mind the update. I'm having a hell of a time gathering the right stats on gear to make a hybrid build, though. In The Division 2 Edit. The goal with Title Update 6, it seems is all about giving players flexibility in their builds. Use our Division 2 stats tracker to see who is the best in the world.

With that said the bonus ammo capacity and status effect increase could be useful in LMG builds also. Im using a tier 8 seeker setup and each mine kills any purples instantly and takes all the armor off an elite. So, that completes my list of must-have gear talents in The Division 2.

division 2 pvp skill build tu6

Find low everyday prices and buy online for delivery or in-store pick-up. Title Update 6. They deserve to be on-par with the rest of us — right?! Play Game TV. That can be found beside the 3 existing Division 2 Specializations.

Well, there is a plot twist - the raid is not here. The Division 2 is designed as a shared-World-Shooter especially to players who like to jointly defeat enemies in co-op, tapping Loot and their builds optimally match.

Here we are going to look into all the different perks that the Gunner has in the new skill tree. Teamwork, collaboration, and adaptation will be necessary to defeat the Black Tusk.Sign in.

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Get help. Teamfight Tactics Best Mystic Build. Teamfight Tactics Best Celestial Build. All Build Guides Builds League. Best Path of Exile Delirium 3. The Division 2. March 17, New Player.

The Division 2 PTS TU6 Patch Notes Wave 2 Revealed by Ubisoft

Read more. Build Guides. Agent Skills in The Division 2 are divided into 8 Categories of Abilities, which then have a sub-category that features a couple different modifications of the main Skill.

Scanner The scanner scans the surrounding area for hostiles and visually highlights their locations. Remote The remote Pulse is deployed at a set location and continually pulses the surrounding area to reveal enemies. Jammer The jammer device pulses outwards, overloading and disabling enemy electronic devices. Assault The assault turret automatically tracks down enemies and shoots them.

Incinerator The incinerator turret is manually controlled to dispense streams of flame in a certain direction. Sniper The sniper turret fires high-caliber rounds at manually selected targets. Stinger The stinger Hive sends out micro drones that will hunt down to attack and distract enemies.

Reviver The reviver Hive deploys small support drones that will revive any nearby allies. Booster The booster Hive delivers a stimulant to nearby allies and increases their combat efficiency.

Reinforcer The reinforcer canister disperses a cloud of gas that repairs and reinforces armor of anyone found inside the cloud. Firestarter The firestarter canister creates a cloud of explosive gas that can be ignited. Riot Foam The riot foam gas canister fires a load of sticky foam that temporarily immobilizes enemies. Oxidizer The oxidizer canister releases a cloud of corrosive gas that damages enemy armor, skill proxies and causes DoT.

Blinder The blinder Firefly blinds enemies, causing them to not be able to function at full combat effectiveness. Burster The burster Firefly attaches explosive charges on enemies which explode once they come in contact with another enemy with an explosive charge.

Demolisher The demolisher Firefly damages or destroys enemy weak points, skill proxies and environmental explosives. Explosive The explosive Seeker Mine can be deployed to track down hostiles and explode on contact. Airburst The airburst Seeker Mine will roll toward its target and reach an explosive burst into the air upon contact.What Division 2 PvP builds will suit you best? You may live for the gung-ho approach that an SMG build can offer, or the marksmanship that comes with using a sniper rifle.

You also have to consider your environment, too. The Division 2 brand sets each offer their own buffs for specific playstyles. For example, Airaldi Holdings gear will buff up stats that are useful to snipers, like damage on marksman rifles.

So, without further adieu, here are some of the best Division 2 builds for PvP:. YouTuber Widdz has put together a build that revolves around two things — putting out as much critical damage as possible and having next to no shields at any given moment.

When everything is in full flow, your enemies will regret knocking any of your health off.

division 2 pvp skill build tu6

The point is to not use it though. Still got that SMG handy? Make sure you have one that revolves around talents that bump up critical hit damage and rate of fire.

This is a lot more subjective, but your focus here should be on buffing armour and healing.

division 2 pvp skill build tu6

The key stats to look out for are substantial increases to health, extra incoming healing, and armour on kill. Fear not, though, this build will fix that right up for you, and it works well in both Skirmish and the Dark Zone.

division 2 pvp skill build tu6

The best of the bunch is One in the Head, which buffs your headshot damage to absurd levels. You also want to keep an eye out for any gear with attributes that buff headshot or marksman rifle damage, as these will boost your chances of downing in one hit. To the grea- oh, you get it. A sniper is the only gun you definitely need, here.

Talents are flexible, too, but the Reformation talent is a nice touch for the bump to healing it offers. General armour and health buffs are also very valuable for surviving while lining up each shot. Here are a couple of gear talents you may want to keep in mind, however:. Redditor DangThing has put together a nifty critical damage build for all the assault rifle users out there who wish to kill before being killed.

It does allow for more flexibility at range, though. The trade-off, however, is that there is less protection to this one so consider it something of a glass cannon build.

Alongside that it comes with plenty of other neat perks that, while not central to the build, are useful anyway.Perhaps more so than many of the other looter shooters on the market, The Division 2 gives players deep and complex options to construct builds that will serve specific roles that a player is trying to achieve.


As players reach the endgame, they'll find countless ways to combine different builds based on the three Specializationsskills, weapon types, or capitalizing on specific exotics. Game Rant suggested some of the best Division 2 PvP builds already, and now it is time to look at the best PvE builds currently in the game. The strengths of the build are on damage and survivability, which obviously benefits solo players who don't have a squad to revive them and have to take down enemies on their own.

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This build comes from YouTuber Mtashed and focuses on using an LMG and, if players can focus fire specific areas of higher-tiered enemies, it will give them the ability to fire nearly unlimited ammo out of their LMG by combining it with the Liberty exotic sidearm. So as long as players use their LMG and hit weakpoints on elite enemies, the magazine will continue to be refilled.

Once again it will deal out high damage and increase the player's survivability considering that players will need to be up close and in the fray to get the most out of the dual-SMG loadout.

This works well in both solo and group play. These are just some of the options that players have in The Division 2. As World Tier 5 unlocks and the game's first 8-player raid is released, there will undoubtedly be more gear earned in those activities for players to further optimize their builds.

Division 2 PvP builds: the best builds to light up the Dark Zone

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