Studies universally suggest that somewhere between 10 and 20 percent of people in committed relationships sexually cheat on their spouse or significant other. So in consideration of our evolving Internet definitions and experiences of cheating, it is likely that 10 to 20 percent number is an underestimate. While our cultural stereotypes tend to focus on men stepping out on their wives or girlfriends, the fact of the matter is almost as many women are unfaithful as men.

It does take two to dance the infidelity tango. Some women stray sexually when seeking some form of deeper romantic connection or emotional support seemingly missing in a primary relationship. But many others will cheat for the very same reason most men do: they just want more or better or different sex. Is physical contact necessary, or does a webcam mutual encounter with someone half a world away count equally? What about pornography, still or moving? Intimate chat room discussions that evolve into a coffee get-together?

Mutual masturbation with web cameras on Skype? That said, after working with hundreds of betrayed spouses and their ultimately remorseful mates, the answer to the question of what defines infidelity remains as clear to me today as it was when Monica Lewinsky first stored away that stained little blue dress.

Infidelity is the breaking of trust and the keeping of secrets in an intimate partnership. Just make sure you run the agenda by your spouse first. Because women and men who cheat cover up their actions with endless mistruths many told to themselvesit is difficult to know if your wife or girlfriend is being unfaithful.

Most often all you have to go on is little more than a gut feeling that something is wrong, and a lessening of her time, interest and availability for you. Below are some common signs of female cheating. While one or two of these signs alone might have little meaning, a longer list may well mean trouble ahead.

She may start password protecting her computer or hiding her cell phone and credit card bills. If her job hours are suddenly erratic, or she seems to be putting in longer than normal hours, it may be an indication that she is carving out time for an affair. Excessive computer use can be an indication that she is carrying on an affair via webcam, chat rooms, or social media. Such an affair could be purely online; it may also involve meeting in person.

The ins and outs of most affairs are conducted via the phone, especially cell phones. If she is conducting whispered conversations, taking her phone into another room to talk, or hanging up when you enter a room, you may have reason to worry. If you still have a land line, you may experience hang-ups when you answer. This may indicate feelings of guilt on her part, or an attempt to distract you from her infidelity. And that something could be another relationship. Traditionally, men spring for dinners, hotel rooms, and expensive gifts, but affairs are pricey for women, too.

Sometimes you just have to trust your gut on this. If she is cheating and her friends know, and they usually know long before you do, they will treat you differently. They may also be less inclined to socialize with you and your wife or girlfriend as a couple. It is perfectly normal for women to have male friends. Conversely, if she is suddenly more sexual with you, or more adventurous with you, it may mean her libido and sexual repertoire have been expanded through infidelity.

Marital and couples counseling can for some turn a relationship crisis into a growth opportunity, while for others it can help process a long overdue good-bye. If it turns out she is a sex or love addict, as many cheaters are, she will need specialized individual treatment as well.

Woman looking through blinds photo available from Shutterstock. A clinical sexologist and practicing psychotherapist, Dr. He blogs regularly for Psychology Today and Psych Central. A skilled clinical educator, Dr. Rob routinely provides training to therapists, hospitals, psychiatric organizations, and even the US military.How knowing these signals can almost eliminate your chances of getting rejected or making an embarassing mistake with a girl Imagine you're back in elementary school—you're in math class taking a test, proud of yourself for knowing the answers after all that studying you did the night before.

The entire class turns and stares while your hands sweat and your mind races. The teacher yells at the kid for looking at your paper, and then she yells at you for letting the kid copy off of you. And just like that, you're sitting in detention for something you didn't do or even want to happen.

Though we hear more about men cheating in the news and via word-of-mouth… the truth is, both men and women are guilty of cheating on their partners. According to a few recent studiesmen and women are, in fact, equally likely to cheat. And as it turns out, there are a few ways you can know if the woman you're seeing is more likely to cheat on you.

So with that in mind, here are the 3 biggest red flags to watch out for—plus, how to tell if a woman is cheating on you once and for all. However, one big factor that can help you figure out which type of woman you're dating is her age. For example, studies have shown that men are more likely to cheat when they have a pivotal birthday coming up. So the big means a bigger chance that a man will try to find an extramarital affair. And apparently, the same is true for women.

As women reach their milestone ages—30, 40, and 50—they tend to seek out more meaning in their lives. They look back… find things they aren't happy with… and during these times, they begin to think that a change in their relationship might help. Another interesting point? For Americans, younger women are less likely to cheat than older women. There is not yet a clear explanation for this, but studies suggest that because older generations were married during the sexual revolution, they may now be more open with their relationships.

And in fact, sometimes emotions can play a bigger role for women than the physical aspect of a relationship. One study published in Evolutionary Psychology found that while men were more distressed by physical infidelity AKA sex with another person … women were more distressed by emotional infidelity. So, if you've ever wondered why your girl gets mad at you for regularly texting and hanging out with another woman—even if nothing physical is happening—recognize that she may see that woman as a threat to your relationship and feel betrayed by you.

Whereas you may be OK with hanging out with other women as long as there is no sex is involved… the same is not necessarily true for women.

Unmistakable Signs of a Cheating Wife That Every Man Must Know

In the same vein, emotional affairs are becoming way more common than physical cheating scandals. These days, it's becoming more and more common for significant others to return to their partners after cheating. The question is, is it a good idea to take a woman back after she cheated? One study suggests that people who are unfaithful in one relationship are up to three times more likely to be unfaithful in their next relationship. On top of that, people who have been cheated on are apparently twice as likely to be cheated on again.

Basically, the study found that cheating really comes down to a person's morals. People who have strong religious backgrounds tend to be more likely to cite morality as a big reason to stay faithful.

So if a woman has cheated before, it doesn't automatically mean she'll cheat again—but it does make her more likely to do so. These red flags can help you figure out if a woman is more likely to cheat… which is great. But if you'd like to know with more certainty if a woman is currently cheating right now, then just check this out:. Take the picture-quiz now. So if you wanna know the answer, once and for all… then you can check it out right here:.

Recently, Ashley Madison released some mindblowing data about why women cheat. In case you didn't already know, Ashley Madison is a dating site for married people looking for some action outside of the marriage. Basically, they would know why people cheat because they're the ones doing it.

The dating site surveyed more than 2, users—and what they uncovered may shock you.Cheating wife signs can be very difficult to figure out. You check her call logs, interrogate her, check her handbag, but every effort is in vain. If your wife is cheating on you, she will surely leave some subtle but clear signs! Sudden behavioral changes, getting defensive about problems and being secretive are major cheating wife signs.

Would you like to write for us? Well, we're looking for good writers who want to spread the word. Get in touch with us and we'll talk And, who wants to get into that mess? Let us focus on simpler things that are sure signs that your wife is cheating on you. You need to observe your wife and other minute details in her behavior, so that slight changes in her lifestyle can be noticed by you.

But before I start talking about cheating wife signs, let me take you to some surprisingly haunting facts that are a result of continuous research on marriages and infidelity. Cheating wife signs are difficult to spot at the initial stage, so let me give you a brief about the signs that can be noticed right at the initial stage of infidelity.

There are lesser probabilities of a woman cheating on her man, as compared to those in case of men. A woman will rarely cheat just for sexual pleasure. She is more likely to have an emotional attachment with her lover. Since a woman is more likely to have an emotional affair, she will fall for a man in her social circle — an old friend, a co-worker, a distant friend etc. A woman will give more importance to her love affair since it is most likely to be an emotional one.

In case of a one night stand, woman will always cheat for a better looking man. A woman is also likely to believe in revenge cheating, because once in her marriage, her man cheated on her.

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One of the best indicators of a cheating wife is her behavior in bed. She will either stay away from having sex with you or she might seem to be wanting more of it all of a sudden.Faithfulness is hardwired into our female circuitry, like our need to cuddle and to buy shoes. Decade and half-decade birthdays trigger navel-gazing-figuratively, and perhaps literally.

The incidence of birthday cheating triples in women who report being in unhappy relationships, according to a survey by infidelity. The plan: Be there. And remember, birthday sex is about the birthday girl. Presents are good, too. Especially jewelry. When she reaches a milestone-say, in her career—she may start to think, Now what? Staying Not Straying. For her next challenge, she may focus on another big part of her life—say, her relationship. A menshealth. Talk about the future.

Talk about her in your future. Women have them in an attempt to restore self-esteem and feel desirable again. The plan: If you are cheating or have cheated before, confess and apologize. She probably has low self-confidence. Your job: Compliment her, sincerely, specifically, and often.

how to tell if she has cheated

The hormone is more intense in females than in males, so women develop a stronger sense of bonding through sex. Research conducted by Shirley Glass, Ph. The plan: Have more sex.As the ones that hunt down cheaters, private investigators know all of the signs that indicate someone is hiding something - or someone.

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We spoke to a top private investigator - a former federal agent - about the obvious signs someone is cheating, as well as the lesser-known red flags, and when it is time to panic. Tom Martin told The Independent that cheaters always follow the same patterns. Having seen identical signs over the last 40 years, Martin, the president of Martin Investigative Services in Newport Beach, California, wrote the book Seeing Life through Private Eyeswhere he lists the 20 most telling clues that may indicate infidelity.

And while they seem pretty obvious, he says that spotting one or two of them isn't a reason to worry. However, if you spot four or more, it is practically an admission of your partner's guilt, according to Martin. The most common and obvious signs, he told us, are the ones such as spending longer hours at work, business trips, less sex, or defensiveness.

How Do I Know if She Is Cheating?

A new commitment to the gym or new clothing may also be a sign your partner is working on bettering themselves - possibly with someone else in mind.

However, one of the most important signsone that you should not ignore, is intuition, according to Martin - as people can typically always tell when a significant other is not being per cent truthful. Even if a partner isn't displaying any of the typical signs, your feelings may be picking up on something. Now, in the era of technology, Martin told us that most people are able to confirm their fears themselves - and no longer rely as much on private investigators to do the digging.

how to tell if she has cheated

According to Martin, the signs are all the same, but catching someone is now as easy as picking up a phone or logging on to an iCloud account. If you do have an inkling that your significant other is cheating, looking for any one or four of the signs may part your mind at ease. Or you can call in the experts. You can find our Community Guidelines in full here. Want to discuss real-world problems, be involved in the most engaging discussions and hear from the journalists?

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The most insightful comments on all subjects will be published daily in dedicated articles. You can also choose to be emailed when someone replies to your comment. The existing Open Comments threads will continue to exist for those who do not subscribe to Independent Premium.According to a study published in Social Science Researchone in four people will either cheat on their partner or be cheated onwhich proves infidelity is super common, even though it hurts like a bitch.

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But while some of the red flags of cheating are super easy to spot — like if there's a random dude in your bed — others are more subtle, and easy to miss if you're not careful. That's why we're lucky Viral Thread put together a list of sneaky ways to know when a cheater is about to strike.

However, please note that these clues are not proof that you're being cheated on, but just something to keep in mind. Think of it this way: If you were cheating on someone and your sidepiece calls during dinner or something, would you pick up? Or would you screen their call and call them back in private? Probably the latter.

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When you hang around a person for too long, the way they talk, the quirky phrases they use, and their interests start to rub off on you, right? This can happen at work, at the gym, wherever…. This is also true if she's using new sex moves in the sack. Where did she learn to do that?

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Unless she's a total psychopath with absolutely no remorse for cheating on you, odds are she feels slightly guilty about sleeping with other men. If she's juggling more than one dude, she's definitely going to get her stories mixed up at some point. Psychologist Dr.

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how to tell if she has cheated

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Learn more Worrying your wife is cheating is a terrible feeling, so you likely want to get to the truth fast. Pay special attention to her social habits, her behaviors at home, and changes in her appearance. Tip: Try to schedule a group outing with them so you can get to know them. You might discover that the relationship seems completely normal. On the other hand, if she refuses to make group plans or gets defensive, it could be a sign that something is going on. Warning: Keep in mind that these changes could have innocent explanations.

Tip: Ask if she wants to exercise together. For example, she may tell you that she had lunch with a female colleague, but complain later that the colleague has been absent all week.

For tips on how to tell if your wife is having an affair by observing changes in her appearance, read on. Did this summary help you? Yes No. Please help us continue to provide you with our trusted how-to guides and videos for free by whitelisting wikiHow on your ad blocker.

6 Signs She’s Thinking of Cheating

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