We are so accustomed to comforts and amenities streamlining our life that it seems that they have been around for ages. For some, it may be true but most of the others are quite recent inventions. Actuators have been around for over 40 years and have become part of everyday lives that we can hardly imagine a time when it was otherwise. Today, actuators are ubiquitous. They usher a touch of mechanization into our kitchensdensand bedrooms.

Outside the house, they are instrumental in automating gardens, backyardsand garage doors. Once you leave your premises, the amount of actuators used grows exponentially with these devices inundating industry, agriculture, medicine, aerospace, and other numerous spheres of activity. Among a wide range of actuator types, the most common is the volt electric actuator.

As their name hints volt linear actuators are powered by a DC battery of this very voltage to operate moving objects they are attached to.

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Instead of speed, actuators provide other benefits, such as durability, ability to operate in unfavorable environmental conditions, reliability, and precision of positioning. These boons seem especially marvelous given the simplicity of their structure.

A 12 volt DC actuator consists of 3 principal elements:. The foolproof design of the volt linear actuator and high demand for such devices explains the appearance of a significant number of electric actuator manufacturers on the market. A compact and reliable 12v electric actuator is one of the useful trifles that help in making our life more comfortable.

By choosing a reliable and obliging manufacturer you will usher innovation into your home or office relegating as many drudgeries and assignments to the machines as possible. Your message has been sent. Our managers will contact you as soon as possible.

A 12 volt DC actuator consists of 3 principal elements: A volt actuator motor that can be of 2 sorts. A brushed motor contains a commutator with mechanical brushes, a permanent magnetic stator, and a wound iron-core rotating coil.

linear actuator 12v

The coil aka armature produces electric current once the power source is connected to the brushes. This current is generated by the motion caused by a magnetic field. All control over the commutator is exercised mechanically which makes this motor type inferior to a brushless motor. The latter features an electronically controlled permanent magnetic rotor housed within and a series of coils.

The former consists of threaded rods that transform rotary motion into linear. The downside of this actuator type is the friction accompanying the motion. This drawback is mitigated in the ball screw where a ball encased in a nut diminishes friction. Set of gears meant to augment precision of control. Planetary epicycle gears look exactly the way they are called: three gears rotate around the gear serving as a solar center.

However, this type is not so widespread as worm gears which are rods threaded only in their middle part unlike entirely threaded screws. Such construction allows worm gears to supply an adequate measure of torque to the screw rotation which accounts for their greater popularity. Linear Actuator Manufacturers in the USA and Canada Progressive Automations is one of the leading electric linear actuator manufacturers that offers a whole gamut of affordable state-of-the-art 12v actuators — from heavy-duty to micro and even mini devices — that can be leveraged in a wide spectrum of applications with a special emphasis on domestic automation.At Progressive Automations, we carry one of the largest and most cost-effective lines of linear motion products in the industry.

We also include a great collection of motion control systems that can be easily connected to any of our units. We focus on developing solutions and to give our customers the best product that fits their production environment.

In order to make your ordering experience with us smooth and easy, we offer quantity discounts and customization options. Give us a call and our support team will help you with the best quality products to suit your application requirements. Your message has been sent. Our managers will contact you as soon as possible. Experts in Linear Motion.

12 Volt Linear Actuator Top Manufacturers and Suppliers

Professionals in Linear and Motion control Systems. Customize Your Actuator Production time days. No minimum quantity required. Open search filter. Stroke Options. Force Range. It has servo style, cored motor with an embedded drive circuit and allows for precision linear actuator control.

This micro precision actuator, along with its RS counterpart, is our only actuator that is programmable, allowing for […]. It has a servo style, high-performance coreless motor with an embedded drive circuit and is our highest precision linear actuator. Micro Linear Actuator The Micro Linear Actuator has the smallest footprint in our selection, making it ideal for those projects that require limited space and minimal force. The low current requirement makes implementation with existing systems seamless.

The versatile nature of the micro actuator and its environmental-protection rating provides opportunities for integration across multiple applications and industries such […]. Mini Linear Actuator The Mini Linear Actuator has a classic linear motion design with medium force output in a sturdy, compact body. The low current, medium force actuator is ideal for home automation, cabinetry, agricultural, and robotics. The built-in potentiometer allows for position control which is an important feature for applications that require precise movement control.

This low current, medium force actuator with feedback is ideal for home automation, cabinetry, agricultural, and robotics. Mini Industrial Actuator The Mini Industrial Linear Actuator has the compact body of our mini linear actuator combined with a stainless steel rod, high force, and an IP66 protection rating. At its max load, the low current draw of the actuator allows this unit to easily integrate into most low voltage control systems.

All of these features make […]. Linear Actuator This is our fundamental linear actuator model, making it a great choice for a variety of different applications. This electric actuator is the optimal choice when a high to medium force actuator with a low-current draw is required. This cost-effective linear actuator can be found in many industries such as manufacturing, automotive and industrial automation.

It has an IP66 protection rating, low noise, and high-speed.All products and selections you see on the website are in-stock and available to ship out same day.

linear actuator 12v

We are devoted to helping you find the perfect linear actuator and accessory best suited for your specific project or application. Our highly trained and experienced engineer support team offers hands-on support for any questions and concerns you may have with our products. We will take you through the process of finding your ideal actuator from beginning to end.

Need a product built to your specifications? We offer custom orders and with no minimum quantity requirement. You can customize our electric actuators according to:. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur su adipiscing elit.

Integer id tellus et pur manus blandit malesuada. Morbi ipsum sem, bib id fermentum ut, posuere a lorem. These are just a few examples of our comprehensive customization options.

Various models can be modified in different ways. We are one of the leading manufactures and distributors of linear actuators and linear motion control products worldwide. In order to remain an industry leader in linear motion products and controls we know we need to stay ahead of the competition. Whether it is with consistent product innovation, custom building units for an array of applications or years of experience working with and expanding into a variety of industries, we are always looking forward.

Our primary goal is bringing the highest quality and best designed products in the automation industry. New products introduced on a regular basis using the latest technology available in the industry.

Our main product lines include electric linear actuators, control systems, table and tv lifts. No project, industry or customer is too small or too large for us. With this philosophy you can find our electric actuators in almost any field of automation. Progressive Automations is a key player in many industries such as automotive, marine, home and furniture automation, robotics, hobby design, industrial and manufacturing equipment. We are always looking to expand into new and exciting industries and encourage you to come and be part of our ever growing list of satisfied customers.

When servicing industries like these we know how important it is to stay ahead of the curve. That's why our selection of linear electric actuators is so diverse and comprehensive; we understand what industries want and we aim to deliver it no matter what.

This is why we are present in such a variety of manufacturers and industries. Toll Free: Custom Orders. Customer Service. Custom orders - giving you exactly what you want! We Offer Customized Oder!

Check our customizing options:. Linear Actuators. Linear Actuators Essentials.

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Mounting Brackets. Control Systems. Power Supplies. PLC Controls. Wiring and Enclosures. Actuator Parts.We have one of the largest, most diverse selections of linear actuators in the world. It includes high speed, industrial, miniature and mini-tube as well as track models. Each model has unique capabilities to make sure we have a unit for whatever application you may have in mind.

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Take our micro model for example, the smallest unit we have ever created, made for those jobs where limited space is a huge factor. Every one of our units is quality tested and has been proven successful by our long list of satisfied customers. We carry the largest in-stock inventory in the industry and it is all available for same-day shipping. All in-stock models are 12V linear actuators and come with an industry leading month warranty.

If by chance you need a unit with very specific specifications that do not match our in-stock selection, we have a custom order service that allows you to customize your own unit.

Each model has different custom options available including but not limited to custom voltage, force, stroke length, dimensions and feedback control. While our products are popular in large industries like those mentioned above, we also have a very large customer base of hobbyists just looking to create their own mechanisms and applications.

Which is why we have a selection mounting brackets, control systems, power supplies and accessories to go with them. Each one of our models comes equipped with factory manufactured mounting holes on both ends and have specifically designed mounting brackets to go with them, for the stroke and motor end. These are made only from the strongest and sturdiest materials in order to keep your unit safe and secure when mounted.

With our mounting brackets the mounting process is made simple and every set of brackets comes with everything you need for installation. For control of all of our models we have numerous advanced control systems including our line of PLC controls and specialized control boxes. Our control boxes provide a variety of different ways to control our units such as synchronized movement cycles and Wi-Fi control. That is why we carry a selection of power supplies and adapters with many different voltage and amperage ratings to energize your applications.

We also have accessories that you can add to your application. You can find relays, speed controllers, wiring kits and other useful accessories to really take your application to the next level.

Not only do we have everything you need for your 12 volt actuators, we also have an extensive library of technical data resources so you can learn more about our products and how they work. These PDFs have all the information you could ask for including expanded specifications, custom options, dimensional drawings as well as the models internals.

We also have 3D models of all of our models that are available to download.

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In our Technical Data section you can also find wiring diagrams that will show you how to wire our units with various controllers and rocker switches.

If you still have questions about our electric actuators than our highly trained staff of engineers will be here to help.

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They are available to talk you directly over the phone or through email and will help with whatever questions or concerns you may have regarding our products. We have detected your location to be from outside of the US, would you like to go to our Canadian Store? Shop from Canada. Toll Free: Product Suggestions. Sponsorship Scholarships Quantity Discount.

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Linear Actuators Table Lifts. Control Systems. PLC Controls. Home Linear Actuators. Linear Actuators.These actuators provide at least four times the force of our other electric actuators. Able to stand up to washdown environments, these actuators meet IP66 for protection from dust and high pressure water jets from any direction.

A lead screw drives the carriage for highly accurate positioning over short distances. Combine these grippers with your gripping fingers to lift and move items in pick-and-place applications. Lift in tight spaces where a bottle jack won't fit. Grip, lift, and move items using suction created by a forced air system, vacuum system, or electricity. Use on smooth, nonporous surfaces. Contact Us Order. Log in. Create password. To create your password, open the email from McMaster-Carr Sales.

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Linear Actuators

To reset your password, click on the link in the email sent from McMaster-Carr. To sign in, your browser must accept cookies. Your email or password is invalid. Please try again. You have made too many attempts to log in. We have locked the account and emailed instructions for unlocking it to:. Create login. Create Login Cancel. An email has been sent to you.

To create your password, check your email and open the message from McMaster-Carr Sales. If you do not receive the email or have questions, you may contact us by phone, fax or email for assistance. To create a login, your browser must accept cookies. This email is already in use.A linear actuator uses one of a variety of mechanisms to produce motion in a straight line. The range of motion is called the stroke and can be measured in foot pounds of torque and inches of travel.

A high speed linear actuator would also be rated by the amount of time required to complete its linear travel, such as inches per second. Linear actuators may be mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, or electro-mechanical.

The power source for these devices may be low or high voltage electric circuits, compressed air, or hydraulic fluid under pressure.

Parts for linear systems may include brackets, bearings, shafts and glides, controls, wiring, and relays and other switches.

Applications include openers and closers for doors, door locks, positioners for chairs and beds, linear motion material handlers for machining operations and other manufacturing tasks. A heavy duty linear actuator may be used for applications such as multi-level car park equipment or a conveyor system lift. Skip to main content. Linear Actuators. FREE Shipping on eligible orders. Some sizes are Prime eligible. Only 10 left in stock - order soon.

Only 4 left in stock - order soon. Linear Actuator PA Only 3 left in stock - order soon. Previous Page 1 2 Shop Linear Actuators on Amazon. Comes with plug attached. Easy to Install Portable Quiet. Free Shipping by Amazon. Under Pounds. Heavy Duty. High Speed. Light Duty. Linear Actuator. Frustration-Free Packaging.

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Include Out of Stock. There's a problem loading this menu right now. Learn more about Amazon Prime. Get free delivery with Amazon Prime. Back to top. Get to Know Us.The stainless steel shaft accompanied by metal gears allows it to push and pull up to lbs, and hold up to lbs.

The environmental protection rating provides a versatile unit able to withstand dust, water, and harsh environments.

linear actuator 12v

The heavy-duty actuator is the only unit in our line of products with adjustable limit switches. This feature allows the user full control over where to start and stop the actuator. This unit can be found in industries such as manufacturing, agriculture, and industrial automation. For a full list of specifications, customization options, and dimensional drawings, please see our PA Data Sheet.

For more detailed information and specifications, please see our brackets product page. The heavy-duty electric actuator is compatible with a variety of our control boxes. With each control box comes a wide range of control options useful for whatever project you have in mind, as well as a very simple wiring process.

Take a look at our control systems page for a full list of options. Learn more from the article in our blog: Choosing a Quiet Actuator. PA Data Sheet. We at Progressive Automations are committed to manufacturing and selling products of the highest quality.

linear actuator 12v

Each of our products are manufactured at our state-of-the-art facility and undergo rigorous quality control procedures and checks throughout the production process and prior to being shipped to the customer. Depending on the product you purchase the warranty period may vary. Our Table Lifts come with a Month warranty, Lifting Columns come with a Month warranty, Mounting Brackets come with a month warranty, while the rest of our products are available for an month warranty period.

If a product becomes defective within the warranty period and is used within its rated parameters and environmental conditions, we will replace or repair the product at no cost. For more information on our Warranty terms click here. We have detected your location to be from outside of the US, would you like to go to our Canadian Store? Shop from Canada. Toll Free: Product Suggestions. Sponsorship Scholarships Quantity Discount. Linear Actuators Table Lifts.

Control Systems. PLC Controls. In stock. Ships within 24 hours. Instant Quote. None Potentiometer. Select Speed 0.

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