The versatility of the Android platform allows customers to get access to any kind of apps out there. Some of you might be wondering about the feasibility of a speedometer app, which is understandable.

Why would someone need a speedometer app on their phone? Now to the question of which one to get. Well, there are quite a handful of apps out there that serve a similar purpose. But with something like a speedometer app, accuracy is of utmost importance, which makes it imperative that you have the right app on your smartphone or tablet. This particular app can be used mostly for vehicles like cars and bikes, although it should perfectly fine for your runs as well.

In terms of usage, you can choose to simply display the speed on your screen without any of the clutter. The app comes with a HUDwhich is a prerequisite for any speedometer app, in my opinion. It also has a polished user interface, making for an easy and clutter-free experience.

The developers are always ready to update the app with changes that the users want, suggesting that the folks behind the app are always willing to learn. This is a healthy sign for any app, although you might not see updates that frequently since this is a speedometer app. Further, the UI colors can be customized, which is a very good addition keeping customization in mind.

Keeping this in mind, we strongly suggest every user to try out this app right away.

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The app is free to download, but you will have to deal with ads throughout your experience. As the name suggests, this is a HUD app that also comes with its own speedometer.

This is ideal if you have a phone dock or cradle in your car as it can provide real time speed updates of your vehicle. The app also comes with a clock, compass, and odometer. You can get a standard HUD view here, or a speed unit, giving you the ability to shift between the two as you please.

The free app is decent enough, but the paid version comes with a bunch of additional features that are worth trying out. This app is not too different from the apps we see out there, and it comes with most of the same features on board. Yet another app that does exactly what it says, with the addition of a few nifty features to make it stand out from the crowd.

The app has a HUD mode, giving you all the quick stats and information at a glance. The app comes for free, but with ads on board. You can get the paid version to get rid of the ads, which will also unlock a couple of handy features.

Digital Speedometer is another excellent option. You can actually put a limit on the maximum and minimum speed. You can choose to use it in Full Screen mode, or you can use it on a map and get your speed as you watch your GPS location cruise down the road. You can stay pretty safe while driving as well, as you can set up a Speed Alert. So, when you approach that speed, the app notifies you to hopefully keep you from getting a speeding ticket. As you can see, there are a lot of great speedometer apps that you can use.

smartphone tachometer app

We really like them for recreational vehicles, but if you find an older vehicle with a broken speedometer, they can work as a great replacement until that can get fixed. It at least puts you in the ballpark of the same speed.

We will receive sales commission if you purchase items using our links. Learn More.Your smartphones can do almost everything to help you in your day to day activities. Monitoring the speed of your commute is one of them. Speed monitoring apps can be used by runners, cyclist and all those speed enthusiasts who like to compare or share their progress.

With DigiHUD offline speedometer app for Android, you can measure speed on your smartphones regardless of whether you are walking, cycling or driving. You can see the current speed, the direction of the compassand the total distance covered by you in this app. The dark background makes it easy to use and read the data. To switch between the Trips just tap on it and it will show you trip A, B, and C.

It also has a clock, battery level and information showing the average speed of your travel. You can also change the color for the units displayed and the brightness of the screen for convenience. It can also give a warning for overspeeding. For that, you have to set a limit after which it will notify if you cross that speed. Get it from Play Store. This is one of the best free GPS speedometers with high precision for speed monitoring.

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It displays all the information like a real speed meter which is kind of nice. In addition to that, it also displays the temperature and weather conditions, elevation, GPS information, and your current location.

It sets the location of the place where you are not moving for a long period as a parking area and it can also be seen on Google Maps.

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It can record the data of your commutes distance for every day. It runs in the background and you can also see the information for speed in the notification panel. This app can help you in knowing the speed no matter what the mode of your traveling is.

Whether you are walking, riding a skateboard or a bicycle, going on a bus, train boat or even an airplane; it can monitor the speed for anything that moves. It has a scale for any kind of units it can measure.

You can see the current, maximum, and the average speed on the main screen. It will also show you the acceleration and breaking time for your vehicles. In addition to that, it will also provide the GPS signal strength information. You can also switch the themes and colors for the app according to your desire.

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Moving ahead, this app features one thing that is not present in most of the apps. You can download it for the Apple Watches too and keep monitoring the speed without your iPhone. Get it from App Store. If you are looking for a simple app to measure your speed and the distance traveled then this can be the one for you.

You can see the traveling speed and the distance you have covered. It also displays the current time. Apart from this, you can set speed limits and alarms if you cross that limit.

You can access the history for all the recorded data on the app. This app has one feature similar to DigiHUD app, i. It can be accessed on the premium version for free or watch online video ads everytime you want to use this feature on the free version. Another speedometer app for Android which is free to download. This app has two speedometer modes, one for bicycle and the other for a car, from which you can select according to your commute.

In addition to this, it also provides the status of the GPS satellites. You can see how many satellites are there and how many this app is using to calculate your speed. You can also see the speed chart where your speed and its data will be shown in a graphical way.Your phone can easily replace it! Ulysse is a speedometer app for safe driving. And it is so much more than just a speedometer! Then, there are two useful buttons that integrate the app with your music player Spotify, Pandora, etc and your navigation app.

So, as we can see, Ulysse Speedometer is a bunch of driving tools collected in one place. More than that, when you exceed the speed limit, the app notifies you by making a special sound. After driving, you can view the history of your drives which contains average speed, overall distance, periods of moving and periods of idling, etc. Download the app now to get all of these amazing tools! DigiHUD Speedometer is a very nice minimalistic app that has got everything you need.

You can change the colors of the interface, which is cool. DigiHUD, just like the app above, can work in a background mode, which means you can check your email, navigator or any other app without stopping the work of this app.

SpeedView is one more speedometer app that uses your GPS to get the most accurate speed results. The app will save you from getting a ticket, which means it will give you a signal when you exceed the speed limit.

You can set your own speed limit if you want to. The app has a background mode and it shows compass. What it also shows is the history of your drives with speed and distance — everything as usual. You can even download this info in a text file and save it on your MicroSD card. So, just one more great speedometer app! The app has two modes in general — for cars and for bicycles. The main screen shows such measurements, as duration, distance, start time, max and average speed, altitude, heading.

The history of drives is shown in a very convenient way — you can see it on the picture down below.

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What you can also see right in the process of going somewhere are satellites and your speed chart. The coolest feature though is a map mode when Google Maps does its job just like it usually does it, but there is a small table above your screen that contains distance, speed, and duration of your drive. So, if you like the description of this one, you should definitely try it! The coolest feature of Speedbot is probably themes that are taken from sport cars designs and turned into something very stylish.

Other than that, the app is just a usual speedometer with a bunch of measurements shown on the screen. There is also history that reflects the style of your driving.Our editors independently research, test, and recommend the best products; you can learn more about our review process here. We may receive commissions on purchases made from our chosen links. If it's an aftermarket system you're after with excellent reviews and a range of up to one mile, look no further than the Viper V.

Featuring two different remote options, the two-way primary remote adds a 20 percent larger touchscreen OLED display over previous generation models, while the second remote includes five button controls for all essential functions such as locking and unlocking doors. The inclusion of additional security sensors provides an extra level of support to help prevent tampering or theft. Beyond security, a mini-charging port on each remote requires 60 minutes of juicing time once every six months.

Viper's SuperCode technology provides users an option to use the V system on up to two cars with a single remote, while also including the option to add their SmartStart module to pair and operate the system directly from your smartphone. The Avital L offers a great combination of features at a price that's definitely wallet friendly.

Available with two compact one-way remotes, the four available buttons include the ability to start the engine and release the trunk, as well as lock and unlock the doors. Keyless entry is available for easy vehicle access, while the remote engine start works at a fairly lengthy distance of 1, feet away. To save gas, the Avital allows for easy programming to determine how long the vehicle will run before the key is inserted. Beyond range, the Avital offers a good enough level of security by preventing attempted hot-wiring by thieves with a system called Fault-proof starter interrupt that includes the ability to detect false alarms.

The P can work from nearly 5, feet away even without a direct line of sight. The dual five button remotes include lock and unlock door buttons, auxiliary buttons, as well as remote engine start in both two-way and one-way button outputs.

The biggest perk of the P is compatibility with the company's downloadable smartphone app, so long as you have the separately purchased DSM or DSM SmartStart module added to the car. The inclusion of additional technology allows trunk release, a panic mode or car finder, as well as locking and unlocking doors directly from a smartphone. Multiple family members can even take advantage of these features on multiple smartphones if there's more than one driver for each car.

Compustar's CSS one-way remote start engine system is compatible with diesel engines.

smartphone tachometer app

As diesel engines function very differently than the more traditional gas-powered engine, this is a feature that shouldn't be ignored. With two included one-way remote start systems with keyless entry, the four-button transmitters can operate from a range of up to 1, feet away from a vehicle. Holding down the remote start for 2. An additional trunk release button is available, as are locking and unlocking buttons for doors.

User reviews peg the Compustar as one of the easiest systems to install if you have basic car knowledge, while a separately-purchased accessory can add smartphone control and GPS tracking. If you're willing to splurge on the price, the Compustar Pro T11 three-mile range and feature set make it a standout choice in a busy field. The advancements of this system allow for notable extras right, including two touchscreen LCD display remotes that are IPX7 certified for waterproofing.

USB-rechargeable, the remotes still feature all the basics, including remote engine start, trunk release, locking and unlocking doors, plus the ability to control heated seats, front and rear window defrosters, windows operation and GPS engagement. The car starter features visual and audible confirmation each time a command is sent to the car. It comes with a three-year manufacturer backed warranty. Compatible with both manual and automatic transmissions, the Crimestopper RS4-G5 remote start system is an ideal choice for drivers of both types of vehicles.

Featuring an operating range of up to 2, feet, the biggest highlight of the Crimestopper isn't its compatibility with different transmissions but its incredible 31 different programmable option types. It has two identical five-button remote controls for locking and unlocking, remote start, and opening the trunk but it's the fifth button that grabs the most attention.

The programmable options allow users to program engine monitoring, hybrid modes or even tachometer features, all with the press of a button.When the flicker frequency of light coincides with the speed of any object, such as a fan, the rotating fan may appear to be stationary. Changing the frequency of the flicker of light may help detect the rotation speed. You may easily use the flicker frequency control buttons to quickly assign the flicker frequency with an accuracy of 0.

smartphone tachometer app

To change the frequency, you should simply press and hold the button. The flicker frequency can be displayed either in Hz or RPM.

After a long period of usage, in case of overheating, the iPhone flashlight turns off automatically. Connecting a high-powered light requires more complex circuitry. However, the circuit design is still simple enough for a beginner.

The key point is to pick a light with a focusing lens a zoom lens. In the video, the first light produces lumens according to the sellerand the second one produces lumens. Both lights support several modes of operation high and low power, as well as flashing at various frequencies. The switching between modes occurs when the light is quickly turned off and back on. For this reason, to avoid changes of mode during the operation of the stroboscope, a resistor is used to close the light's circuit.

Before using the stroboscope, one needs to set the light into the full power mode by opening its circuit as shown in the video.

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In order to be able to pick the correct mode it is important to remember the order in which modes are activated. Do not buy a laser pointer with small batteries button cellsbecause you will "go broke" buying batteries. This tachometer operates by measuring the magnetic field from a spinning magnet.

The magnetic field is measured by the iPhone's magnetometer. The magnetic tachometer is best suited for measuring low rotation speeds from 6 revolutions per minute. It can also be used for measuring medium rotation speeds up to RPMbut at such speeds there is a risk of spontaneous tearing away of the magnet and strong vibration due to center-of-gravity shift.

Intended use instructions: 1. The magnet has to be secured in such a way that one of its poles is directed toward the iPhone when the magnet is closest to the iPhone. The iPhone has to be lying still.

At high rotation speeds, protective eyewear must be worn. It is also necessary to protect the iPhone in case the magnet tears away. Strong magnetic field from the attached magnet might affect rotation speeds of electric motors. Electric motors produce fluctuating magnetic fields; therefore, the attached magnet must be powerful enough to create a magnetic field that is stronger than that of the electric motor.

For best results, iPhone should be placed at right angle to the rotating magnet. Neodymium magnets are the most suitable due to their ability to produce strong magnetic fields despite a magnet's small size. However, it is important to keep in mind that electric motors are affected by strong magnetic fields; a rotating magnetic field may produce electric current in conducting materials.

The maximum permissible size of a neodymium magnet is about 1x0. Magnetometer sensitivity varies substantially between iPhone models.

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This results in some iPhone models attempting to measure the background magnetic field. If anything is unclear, be sure to drop me an email. To determine the rotational speed e. For example:. You should begin measurements from the largest frequency that is possible for the tested fan. To reduce the flicker frequency, simply click and hold the button.It has scale for running, cycling, driving and even flying, and records your top and average speed, trip time for every activity.

Speed limit 2.

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Custom scale for analog speedometer 3. Animated help 4. Separate resetable average speed digital and analog indicators for every activity 2.

Separate resetable trip timer for every activity 3. New color themes options 2. Updated help page 3. Landscape support 2. Supersized digital speedometer 3. Altitude is moved for better visibility 4. Color themes 2. Heads-up mode 3. Reward system explained on help page 4. Help page - pictorial, textual, tips, privacy 5.

Separate resetable top speed digital and analog indicators for every activity 2. Two separate resetable distance meters 3. Help page 4. Increased visibility of inactive buttons.

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To date, this is the best application I've found on the Windows App Store. It does everything it should and nothing it shouldn't. Does what it says and gets the job done If you need a speedometer NOW for your broken old car this'll do it very conveniently. Remember you can tell Cortana to open it from the lock screen too, while you're driving. Works as GPS speedometer and altimeter for walking, bicycle, auto and airplane. Big deal easy to read. Please faster gps speed limitGo to map: After clicking on "Get Location" ,you will see your place on the geo map that your device support - like Google map or Waze map, or other.

If you need it for commercial use with saving online data on your company server - please contact us. Overview Specs. From Androcalc: Free Tachometer Professional digital GPS Tachometer For use at car, airplane, train, ship, boat, motorcycle, cycling, running and walking Working in anywhere that there is satellites coverage - very accurate!

10 Best speedometer apps for Android & iOS

Measuring and recording of speed, exact location, time and date. Good for travelers who want to document the exact locations track where they stayed. Main Screen: 1. Displaying distance by kilometers or miles. Main functions: 1. Get location every second.

Go to map. See records stored locations. Setting preferences. Setting speed alert. Saving csv file excel format. Sharing gps track file. Delete gps track files. Description: Go to map: After clicking on "Get Location" ,you will see your place on the geo map that your device support - like Google map or Waze map, or other.

Each row in the table represents one second data accumulated. By clicking on selected row you will get the place on the map for the specific second. Setting Preference 1. Speed warning - Speed mile per hour alert - Self setting of velocity alert mph.

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