Academic journal article Ife Psychologia.

statistical data and 3d graphics about widows in the town of melazzo

This study examined the psychological implications of Bereavement on some selected Widows and Widowers in Oyo Town, Nigeria.

The descriptive survey design was used while sample was selected using simple random sampling technique out of the target population.

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The questionnaire has two sections. Section A contained the biographical data while Section B has 20 items rated in four Likert tail. The Reliability Co-efficient was 0. Three Hypotheses were drawn and tested at 0. The three hypotheses were significant while a mean difference were noticed among the variables. In conclusion, it was found that bereavement is associated with various experiences which needed to be monitored by psychological experts.

Loosing someone who is closer during the middle life may be too challenging and frustrating. During the Middle life, many people experience a severe bereavement, sometimes through the loss of one or both parents.

In some cases, loosing partners, children or relatives through illness or diseases can be traumatic most time. Perhaps because of this, death is often regarded as an unthinkable event which people dislike talking about. At times, to talk about death, it is often regarded to as psychologically unhealthy. In some cases, when people fail to acknowledge death, it increases and sometimes magnifies the distress those bereaved experienced.

statistical data and 3d graphics about widows in the town of melazzo

Parkes found that widows consulted their doctors more often in the first six months after bereavement than they had done before. This is so because emotional turmoil takes its physical toll on them than it is better imagined. Parkes showed that Widows and widowers were ten times as likely to die themselves in the year immediately following bereavement.

Parkes, Benjamin and Fitzgerald in a related study found that the death usually occur through selfneglect, suicide of one form or the another, or as a result of cardiac illness accompanied with some stress. Similarly, in a study, Parkes and Weiss discovered that grief is normally associated with bereavement. In this study, it was found that grief could either be normal or abnormal. Normal grief follows three phases which include denial, pining and depression.

In addition, bereaved persons express disbelief that the death has really happened, refusing to see it as real. It is a common reaction in people who have been bereaved through accidents to remark that it took them some time before they could believe that it had actually happen because it seems to be a little unreal to people when they are first told about it.

The bereaved person also longs for the other intensely and can become veiy restless and fidgety. It involves a certain amount of unconscious searching for the dead person and often at this time, they will think they have caught a fleeting glimpse of the lost person in a crowd or at a distance.

When this happens, they can become very worried, thinking that they may be hallucinating or losing their grip on reality. Sanders stated that the reaction to bereavement is influenced by the relationship the bereaved person had to the person who died, and the way that person died.

The bereaved person might feel numb or unreal and this change in reality can feel scaiy and isolating. It may be helpful to seek the advice and support of a guidance Counsellor during this time.

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statistical data and 3d graphics about widows in the town of melazzo

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statistical data and 3d graphics about widows in the town of melazzo

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